The Ferrara State Archives has hosted since it was formed by Ministerial Decree of 15 November 1955, in the Palazzo Trotti Borghi in the Giovecca Course No. 146.

The palace, seat of the State in Ferrara, was built by dalla Penna, whose family came from Perugia but testified in Ferrara since 1310. The Soncino brothers Alberto and children of the deceased Giovanni By dalla Penna, wealthy entrepreneurs and silk merchants, are were the buyers of the course Giovecca palace and the room behind the racket game in the 80s of the sixteenth century. In 1591, the building was rented to Onofrio Giraldi, then bishop of Comacchio and who later became Bishop of Ferrara.


The wing overlooking Via Coramari was built in the seventeenth century in two successive stages, in part expansion of the building and part on land owned dalla Penna, using building materials obtained by the removal of the vast hall of the racket, now unused. The new building was then attached to the main building.


Place border with contiguous properties, a third building used as completed the palace service. The death of the last of the Pen family member, the palace became the seat of the College Pen, for young aristocrats.


In the second half of the eighteenth century, the property passed to Trotti accounts, to arrive at the end of the nineteenth century, the lawyer Guido Borghi. Died in 1939, Borghi left heir's wife Elisa Treves that the Jewish religion, was a victim of racial persecution with her daughter. Expropriated, Borghi Palace was occupied by the Republican Auxiliary Police in 1943/45.
After the war the building was occupied by many displaced families and caused heavy damage, then partially repaired.


Subject to the constraint by the Soprintendenza ai monuments, the Palace was purchased by the Provincial Administration of Ferrara in 1955 for use of the State Archive; in the sixties were made new premises for the storage of archival documentation to form a wing perpendicular to via del Pozzo engaged in the main body of the building, in replacement of buildings of service (deposit called the "well"). On 11 September 2006(Rep. N. 82 del 2006),The complex of Borghi Palace was purchased by the agency of the State Property assigning it over to the Administration of Goods and cultural activities in the person of the Director of the State Archive of Ferrara.

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